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Pushing the limits of innovation

Founded by Hugo Chamberland in 2014, TrueRC Canada has reached the top of the scale for pilotless and other critical aircraft antenna design. Possessing an expertise and an ability to innovate out of the ordinary to realize unique projects, it has completely revolutionized the world of antennas of immersion driving. TrueRC Canada has solved the congestion problems faced by users and manufacturers of UAS by creating the smallest and lightest circular polarization antenna ever designed. Since its marketing, the radio landscape has changed radically, from large and fragile antennas, to one that hardly sees any more. All this, while maintaining maximum efficiency, TrueRC Canada has not tolerated any compromise on performance. This philosophy impresses all other products and projects led by the TrueRC Canada team.

TrueRC Canada has become the best antenna designer and manufacturer for use with amateur and professional UAS. Not afraid of challenges, showing great adaptability, he will help you achieve your goals!

The polarized compact helical antenna is patented.

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Description of the team

Hugo Chamberland - TrueRC Canada


Chief R&D officer

Innovator, his creativity is a major asset to the development of the company. Its rigor enables him to carry out several complex and unequaled projects, to offer incomparable products. Hugo is the heart of TrueRC Canada.



Thanks to her leadership and her determination that TrueRC Canada took such an expansion. Her sense of organization and planning make her an essential partner.