X-air vs. MX-air or why less is more

X-air vs. MX-air or why less is more

The MX-air can easily be mistaken for a patch due to its form factor, but it is far from it. While it is indeed a branching from our popular X-air (which aren’t patch) using some of the same core principles. But at only 5.5dBi it isn’t as good as the X-air’s 10dBi right? Not at all, it all depend on the use.

The picture above is a comparative diagram of the X-air (in blue) and the MX-air (in red). Observe past the 45deg. mark: the MX-air now have the advantage and is “gooder” than the X-air.

I colored the area where the X-air have more range with some lime juice and with something like peanut butter maybe, for the area best covered by the MX-air. You’ll notice that there’s about as much peanut butter than lime juice, so both antennas are roughly equal in regards to flying area they provide. The MX-air effectively take the X-air’s great frontal range a spread it to the sides for a more even radio coverage. The important is that both harvest all the RF energy available.





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