Hugo’s hobby of first-person view piloting had him work on antennas. In 2011 he designed his first antenna, the “virevent”. Sharing and discussing his discovery online brought him in an unplanned way into selling antennas.

Many antennas we see today on drones are directly or partially his work even if little or no credit where given to him.

Hugo persevered, doubled down on his research and created the smallest circular polarized antenna on the market. He applied for a patent and teamed with Lumenier, a reputable manufacturer, to bring it to market in masses. Hugo had single-handedly resolved one of the biggest hurdles in the booming race drone market, the size of the antennas and thus their fragility. All this, not only without any compromise on signal quality, but raising the bar even higher. This took his company “TrueRC Canada” into the front scene and made it the most recognised antenna manufacturers in his market. Still, he never stops refining his art, making his product even smaller and/or better performing. Today, he helps not only hobbyists see better, but professionals and even military.