Hugo Chamberland is co-owner and Director of Innovation and Research at TrueRC Canada.

A man of vision and creativity, above all, his passion for piloting and for performance soon led him to work on antenna concepts. In 2011, he designed his first antenna, the “Virevent“.

Hugo is a resourceful man, driven by research and projects… He always wants to go further. This passion for development allowed him to create the smallest circular polarized antenna on the market and to get a first patent for the company.

The raw material he works with is the feedback he gets from the community and customers. Market requirements lead Hugo to design increasingly efficient antennas. His expertise, already well known internationally, makes him a reference in the conception, design and manufacturing of antennas that topple any obstacle.

Many antennas we see on today’s drones are directly or partially related to his work. His technologies are now applied in several industries; military, security, commercial and even cinematography.

Hugo has the ability to understand the challenges of the users and customers, which allows him to do what he loves most: innovate.

Today, thanks to his talent as a designer, TrueRC Canada has two patents and is now associated with major respected manufacturers such as Lumenier. TrueRC Canada is reknown in over 100 countries and it won’t stop as long as Hugo’s passion is here.

Hugo Chamberland looking at spectrum models at on a computer screen