Do you know TrueRC Canada?

Do you know TrueRC Canada?

Creative, innovative and passionate people who are always up for a good challenge are the engine of our growth. Our company is now recognized nationally and internationally for the quality of its products, its patents, its approach, its availability and its great adaptability.

We’re at the top of our game when it comes to designing antennas for unmanned aerial vehicles (drones, airplanes, wireless communication, etc.) and among the best antenna designers and manufacturers.

Winner of the Mercador Québec regional prize and 2021 provincial finalist in the market diversification category as well as finalist of the Rouyn Noranda Chamber of Commerce‘s Extra 2021 Competition for market diversification and innovative practices, we are as well known to entrepreneurs as to fans of technologies.

TrueRC Canada antennas are part of new technologies and new projects in a variety of sectors: cinematography, security, aviation, drones, wireless communication, industrial and mining.

Our products and our expertise are in demand all over the world to meet complex challenges, but also to meet supply needs without worry. As simple as that!

Our equipment is adapted to the new reality of technology: 3D EM (time domain) simulator, 3D printer, unique and custom-made tools, robotic equipment, CAE/CAD and even more equipment available to our customers.

Our team has cutting-edge expertise and works with meticulousness and precision in order to meet the many requirements of the market.

We are TrueRC Canada, pleased to meet you!

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