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3D printers are very useful tool for the tinkering hobbyist and professional engineer alike. Perfect for creating your own parts to customize and adapt to your needs or fantasy.  As many hobbyists built aircraft using our antennas, lot of solutions for mounting them or protecting them were created and shared. We gathered a collection of various designs aimed at TrueRC antennas and linked them on our products page. For example, if you fly a superG frame and want to mount a bardpole to it, you will find the needed print at the bottom of the bardpole’s listing.

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  1. Hello dear truerc!
    I was discuss before with your support agent about my order #42711 (around 2 months ago).
    In 26/11/2021 I was create a order with 2×4 truerc singularity antennas for DJI FPV Goggles and pay it.
    Today 01/04/2022 and I still haven’t received my order.
    Orders from USA eBay delivered to Russia without problems.
    I receive a lot of parcels from the USA and all I get it (around 5 pieces per month, it’s not about sanctions against Russia. All parcels arrive through Finland, Lithuania and Latvia).
    Your support agent know about my order with a tracking number UR426784726CA.
    I am not a Russian, I am an Uzbek who living in Russia.
    I would really like to receive your antennas and remain your customer.
    Please, help me to solve my problem.

    My letters to your e-mail hugo@truerc.ca is blocked (I see message “retry timeout exceeded”)

    Mikhail Vityaev
    • Bonjour M. Vityaev,

      Nous sommes désolés pour cette situation, votre colis est revenue dans notre entrepôt. Je vous invite à communiquer avec valerie@truerc.ca, nous allons régler la situation.

      au plaisir,

      TrueRC Canada

      Zabrina Rojas

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