Antenna comparison chart.

Antenna comparison chart.

The chart above represent a view from the top of the coverage and range of different antennas. The range estimates are based on the used of a 200mW Vtx. Numbers are a bit on the conservative sides too. As I said in previous articles, if you switch to a 800mW Vtx, you can double all ranges figures. I also added range at 90deg. off beam, in other words, the range completely off the side of where the antenna is pointing. Note that the numbers for the MX series antennas are more accurate as they are especially designed to be used at such high angle.

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  1. X2-air 6500km on 200mw can you say wow!!! My order is on the way and I can’t wait I already own almost the entirely line of true RC antennas in 2.4ghz and 5.8ghz and they are the only antennas I see a noticeable difference in the range I get while using they’re equiptment vs competition like the triple feed patch or other directional antennas they really don’t even compare to the x2-air and the mx2-air combo I like to use and because I have eachine ev200d goggles I can utilize the dual diversity (4 antenna inputs) and use a x2-air, mx2-air, mx-air and sniper for 5.8ghz and that gets me amazing penetration and coverage for just about anything I want to do now i fly proximity using low power and long range at about 200mw with my older antennas I was flying proximity at 200mw and longer ranges at 600+me I do this to increase flight times but I can easily juice up my vtx and add power by enabling vtx control on a switch. Anyways these antennas are the best on the market u won’t be disappointed 😉 😁😎

    • 6500M you mean 🙂 The current record of the X2 on 200mW is 10km, but YMMV.

      Valérie René
  2. Range and coverage of x2-air and mx2-air are impressive. But I’m kind of wondering that it works on dji goggle v2 for dji fpv drone or not. If not, is it any possible way to customize and use these antenna for better range?

    • It is simply a matter of using the right adapter. In that case a 45deg rp-SMA adapter. On the X²-air MKII listing you can actually select SMA or RP-SMA, the later will be direct fit to DJI goggles.

      Hugo Chamberland

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