Salvaging your singularity into a polarizer.

Salvaging your singularity into a polarizer.


Mishaps. They always happen, no one escape. When your singularity antenna is smashed by an unfortunate event, not all hope is lost! With a 3D printer and basic soldering skills you can salvage your dead antenna and turn it into a “polarizer”. First, tear away the ends caps, then un-solder the network. The elements ring should unravel itself somewhat. Keep only the ring part, scrape off some of the glue and you’ll be ready to turns the elements into parasitic elements.


To achieve this, simply short the elements where the network previously was, using spare bits of copper to bridge the gaps. The three center elements are the easiest, the last one is a bit tricky. Best is to used a bull clip to keep the elements aligned and the ring into a round shape. It is advised to keep the sticker in place as the elements are calibrated for its presence.


To finish your polarizer, some new end caps will be needed. Print these and glue them on with some CA adhesive.


Now, here’s the magic, find any good old dipole included with your Vtx/Vrx and slide the polarizer over it about midway. The polarizer will covert the linear polarized radiation from the dipole into relatively good circular polarized radio waves. Note that now your previously RHCP singularity is now a LHCP polarizer however 🙂



“Anyway to keep it RHCP?”

-Roll the element inside out (solder afterward or stress may crack it), be gentle.

“Can I do this with the 2.4/5.8?”

-Unfortunately, the 2.4 and 5.8GHz dipoles will need to be custom made as the regular ones introduce too much linear component.




Note: This antenna configuration is claimed in the pending patent of the singularity.

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