The new singularity antenna

The new singularity antenna

I am extremely proud to present this whole new CP omni antenna design from TrueRC Canada. There is always more or less R&D work being done in the background at TrueRC Canada. This time, a big step ahead has been achieved. What’s so new about this antenna? Well, to begin, it got an extremely high axial ratio, the highest we ever measured on a CP antenna. Secondly, it has no lobes to get caught in things, bend and tangle up, making it more durable and practical. Last but not the least, it occupy less than one tenth of the volume used by a skew planar wheel (also known as clover-leaf). It is, by far, the most compact CP omnidirectional antenna ever made. We named it: “The singularity”.

The 1258/1280MHz model is 47mm in diameter, 23mm high. It can be stem fed or side fed for flat surface mounting.

The Singularity 1280/58 (patent pending)

The 1258/1280MHz model is 47mm in diameter, 23mm high. It can be stem fed or side fed for flat surface mounting.

Next to 1.3GHz Fan antenna

Next to a 1.3GHz Fan antenna


Radiation pattern of the singularity 1280/58.


Axial ratio

Axial ratio


  • Frequency: 1258-1280MHz
  • Gain: 1.6dBic
  • Axial ratio: 1 (perfect)
  • Dimensions: 1.85″x0.91″ + stem

Price and availability:

The singularity 1258/1280MHz is available to purchase now for 29.99US$ Other frequencies (2.4GHz and 3.3GHz) will follow. The 5.8GHz model is sold trough a partnership with Lumenier under the name “Axii”.


-What’s the advantage over a clover-leaf?

“The size! no more you have to deal with huge antennas, the 1280MHz model is the same size as some 5.8GHz model from other brand.”

-Being so small, can I put it inside my model?

“Yes! Just be sure it’s not near any wiring, battery or other metallic/conductive object”

-I want to use the side fed model, is there a preferred place on the wing/fuse to place it?

“As long as only foam is underneath the antenna, it is fine. Shine a flashlight trough your wing to find carbon spars or wiring that will reduce antenna performances if directly underneath. You can use double side tape to fix your antenna over or under the wing”

-Will you make it for 900MHz?

“Developing the antenna for each band take a considerable amount of time and resources (because we actually test our antenna properly), so no plan for 900MHz. Unless someone reach us for a large purchase, it just don’t seem to be worth it at this point.”

-Will you make one for 5.8GHz?

“Yes, We produce and quality check their critical components here in Canada and Lumenier take care of assembly under our strict specifications. Lumenier distribute the antenna worldwide under the name “axii”, except in Canada where TrueRC Canada inc. has exclusive distributorship of the product.”

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  1. Hi!

    Does it matter which way the side fed antenna is mounted in the wing, is it Ok to face the logo downward to the ground?


    Thommas Steinmoen
    • It does not matter, enjoy your flying!

      Hugo Chamberland
      • Thanks for the quick reply! The antenna fits perfectly inside my TBS Caipirinha wing.

        thommas steinmoen
  2. I’m having trouble understanding the antenna’s range… Does the 3D diagram imply that it has vertical nulls?
    Thanks in advance.

    • You read right, the sigularity have top/bottom nulls.

      Hugo Chamberland
  3. Hello!!!!
    Please can you tune an antenna for 1.120ghz fequency? My video transmitter works there very well.

    • 1120 is too low for just tweaking our singularity 1280/58, sorry that require a costly redesign.

      Hugo Chamberland

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