Omni vs. MX-air

Omni vs. MX-air

MX-air air next to an OCP.

In this post, I’m going to describe the use of the MX-air antenna in omni-directional mode. “But the MX-air is a patch, right?” Not at all! The MX-air is a unique type of antenna, sitting on the line between directional and omni-directional categories.


Let’s start with Joe FPV alone in his flying field:

Joe FPV at the flying field.


Here’s Joe’s coverage using an omni antenna such as the long OCP mounted vertical on his goggles. He’s got coverage all around himself, except an area on top (called the null).

Typical omni coverage


Joe only fly in the top half of his coverage bubble, the bottom is obviously never used, unless he crashes really hard 🙂 Wouldn’t it be nice to spare that lower half and put it back on top for more coverage? Here comes the MX-air! When this antenna is aimed vertically, its coverage look like this:

MX-air coverage.


Good all around coverage and no null on top! That makes it a very versatile antenna than can fill both range and omni coverage roles.

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