What’s what of our 1.3 range?

What’s what of our 1.3 range?

Here’s a little post to let you in on the know of the What’s What of our new 1.3 GHz products range so you can take advantage of each one to its fullest potential.


Omni directional antenna, great in side feed version, sink it into the foam for zero drag.

Singularity 1.3 – Product details

X-AIR 1.3

Directional antenna, great balance of range and beam width. Antenna tracker optional.

X-AIR 1.3 – Product details

X2-AIR 1.3

Do-it-all directional antenna, long range and wide beam. No antenna tracker needed.

X2-AIR 1.3 – Product details

$299.99 $359.99

Ultra long range antenna, narrow beam, light and tracker friendly.

GATLING 1.3 – Product details

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